I am a French software engineer and a self-taught fullstack Javascript developer. I started to learn to code in high school and practice everyday since then! I built many projects and love to share advices and opinions with people who want to build things online.

After I graduated from engineering school I worked for a startup in San Francisco for a year, then came back to Paris to be tech lead for one of the fastest growing startups in Europe 🚀 I am now fully independent and dedicate my time to visiting coworkings and incubators around the world to meet new passionate people and learn about their culture. I also plan on making regular talks in engineering schools about entrepreneurship and share my discoveries on my blog.

I am passionate about design, user experience, team creativity and psychology.

My favorite tech stack is based on React, Node and MongoDB. I commonly pair it with Typescript, Redux and Express, and I work on Visual Studio Code.

I spend time on web development and design communities such as Maker's kitchen Slack group, Product Hunt, Indie Hackers forums and Dribbble.


Let's get in touch on Twitter, Telegram or by email at hello@jean-elie.com 🙂